Common Problems

The twelfth and thirteenth generation Ford F range share the same power running boards as the 2007-14 Ford Expedition (with a few differences) and suffers from the same problems with the boards failing to deploy or retract properly.
If you are having problems with yours, the fault could be with the motor itself or the hinged brackets that it's mounted on.
See our home page for more information on this.

Ford F-250 connector
Connector used


Removing and refitting the bracket is simple.
See our Teardown page for details.


Order the correct side motor!

LEFT / RIGHT refers to - as viewed from inside the cab, facing forwards.
left right meaning


Ford F series / Expedition
Hinge bracket bearing set

The nylon-on-steel bearings tend to get gummed-up and/or worn out.
Replacing the whole hinge bracket is expensive.
Take the economy route by just replacing the bearings.
We stock a full set of 16 small and 2 large bearings, enough for both hinges on one side.

Set of Ford running board bearings

Dismantling Old Hinges

In general the process is to set up a press or vice to push out the pins whilst gently heating the surrounding metal.
The bearings will then pretty much just fall out


The bearings are slightly oversize as supplied
Prepare the bearings for correct fit by passing a Dremel grinding disc along the join.
The new bearings will then just push in.
Then refit the pins using a press or vice and heat as before.

Send us your email address after purchase and we'll send you a pdf of the full process in detail

Dispatch and Tracking

Motor delivery is via our US stockist, usually by USPS or Fedex and usually takes 5-7 days from date of order, for customers in the US.
(Other destinations may take longer)
Bearings are dispatched from the UK by Royal Mail, usually taking 5-6 working days.

We will send you tracking information on request.

Customs Duty Free

We guarantee, for customers in the USA, you will not be surcharged for any type of import duty.

Running Board Solutions for your vehicle.

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Customer Satisfaction
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All our products carry a full 1 year guarantee.
If a fault should develop at any time over the 12 month period, simply return for a free replacement or repair.

Faulty or incorrectly supplied goods may be returned within 30 days for a full refund including P&P.