Step 1

Disconnect the motor loom plug.

Step 2

Undo the four 13mm nuts and two 13mm bolts holding the two brackets.Front 2 nuts and bolt
Rear 2 nuts and bolt

Step 3

Remove the running board from the vehicle.

Step 4

Remove the plastic end shield.
Plastic shield

Step 5

Remove the motor end cover - two screws.
Take care not to lose any shims.
End Cover

Step 6

Spin the armature until it stops.
Then you can see the wedge bolt.
End Cover

Step 7

Remove the wedge bolt.
End Cover

Step 8

Knock out aluminium wedge from the back.
End Cover

Step 9

Note the orientation of the wedge, for re-assembly.
Also note the position of the boards.
End Cover

Step 10

Stand on the board and work the hinges back and forth, whilst liberally spaying all moving parts with penetrating lubricant, until moving freely.

Step 11

If step 10 improves the operation of the hinges, possibly your motor is OK, and you can re-assemble your board and re-test.
Otherwise, you need to replace the motor.
Choose from the list on the home page.


Re-assembly is simply the above procedure in reverse.
Ensure that the running board is in the same position as when you started.
Otherwise you may end up with the boards working in reverse - i.e. retracting instead of deploying, and deploying instead of retracting.


(Probably you moved the board's position before refitting.)
To rectify, unplug the electrical connector and open the door, then refit before closing the door.
To rectify, remove the cover and turn the armature by hand
(As in steps 5 & 6 above)




Running Board Solutions for your vehicle.

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